Addressing Remote Work Fatigue is Key to Hybrid Work Success

Effect sizes (Cohen’s d) of the corrected mean differences were calculated as well. Burnout affects people in all walks of life and in all industries, so what makes remote workers different? Well, if an athlete starts cracking under pressure, the team and the coach will notice something is wrong. The same goes for office workers; their co-workers will likely spot symptoms of burnout early on.

  • If your remote workspace isn’t conducive for productive, focused work, then you’re likely to feel fatigue over time.
  • So for example, if you are working on a Microsoft Team side by side comparison, you can research in your first Pomodoro slot, rest, and write up each comparison point between the next breaks.
  • Remote workers have to deal with fewer distractions, have flexible working hours, waste less time commuting and getting ready for work.
  • Adaptive leadership is more than just surviving—it can be a competitive advantage.

The evolving business environment is exposing the challenges as well as benefits of a remote workforce. Therefore, as Lumaflex’s CEO, I want to discuss a few aspects of the strategic approaches that competitive corporations adopted to survive the digital era. Eating healthily is one thing we should all do, regardless of stress and burnout yet many of us don’t. An often overlooked problem involves stimulants, ranging from your morning coffee to your nightcap.

Effective Strategies for Managing Remote Work Fatigue

In addition to taking these breaks, try to make sure that you don’t bring your work with your phone around the house, as much as you can. The aim is to isolate your work to a specific part of your home that you can easily disconnect from, physically and mentally, whenever you take a break. The Pomodoro Technique, named after a tomato-shaped timer that its inventor used, is a system of time management based on providing interval breaks.

remote work fatigue

Not only will they be more likely to respond to your candor, but it’ll also strengthen the bond between you and your team. If you are not an active participant on a call, consider going on mute, connecting with your phone, and taking a walk. “Work from home” is evolving to “work from anywhere.” I have taken plenty of calls on my back deck or at a public park. Join your peer CHROs and HR leaders from leading organizations to discuss specific HR challenges and learn about top HR trends, insights and priorities.

Monitoring remote working fatigue

Our office is anywhere we want it to be, but that doesn’t mean we have to be in it all the time. You don’t have to hit the gym every other day, but you do have to walk around a lot to compensate for your sedentary lifestyle. If however, you are aware of the risks, you need to be on the lookout for burnout symptoms.

  • If you have the room, set up a table in the corner and use it just for work.
  • A year later, the shine of remote working has dulled for many people.
  • To beat the fatigue that comes with multiple Zoom meetings, we recommend attending only the sessions that benefit you.
  • Managing projects for a 100% in-person workforce is difficult enough.
  • The coronavirus and COVID-19 have caused fundamental changes in the ways we work.

If you can accomplish this, your brain can relax and give you a sense of calm. That calm can make a return to work much more manageable, and you’ll find out that nothing bad happened while you were gone. Although there is not yet research to support it, one could suspect that Zoom fatigue remote working fatigue may contribute to employee burnout, which is characterized by exhaustion in the workplace, which Zoom fatigue can also cause. Instead of everyone looking at an in-person speaker, it seems like everyone is looking at you to speak, which may place unconscious stress on your brain.

Re-establish Boundaries Between Work and Home

Studies have shown that cancer survivors experience difficulties maintaining physical activity levels after participation in a supervised exercise rehabilitation program. However, a non-significant mean difference of 45 min in PA was found, favouring the group of participants that received the remote coaching intervention. More research is needed to identify patients most in need for follow-up interventions following supervised exercise program and to investigate the effectiveness of remote coaching interventions in these patients. The six-month remote coaching intervention was delivered by a community-based sports organisation (Maastricht Sport, Municipality of Maastricht, The Netherlands) and aimed to stimulate patients to increase their PA levels.

  • For example, an employee who has back-to-back meetings all day with little to no breaks may quickly experience Zoom fatigue.
  • A summer 2021 survey found that over half of respondents wish to remain fully remote once the pandemic is over, and nearly forty percent of respondents want to work in a hybrid environment.
  • Employees across the world have seen the nature of work revolutionized as companies turned to remote work as a solution during the early days of the pandemic and are now facing the potential for its long-term adoption.
  • Eventually, people tend to settle down, start a family, and play with their offspring; you know, those little bundles of joy that will apply for the jobs we are inventing today.

Take time to disconnect from work, stay active, reconnect with others, and rest. Once considered an enterprise video conferencing tool, Zoom went mainstream this year as schools, churches, families, and other organizations signed on. Videoconferencing technology allowed many organizations to remain connected and productive while their workforce went remote and Zoom became the de facto standard to replace face-to-face meetings. More than half of employees working from home have reported feeling burned out.

In instances where remote workers are managing a meeting, then need to ensure that meeting logistics are sorted beforehand—from meeting prep to the actual execution of the meeting. One of the problems remote workers often cite is that the boundaries between work and home begin to collapse. If your remote workspace isn’t conducive for productive, focused work, then you’re likely to feel fatigue over time.

Above all, be open to change and experimentation, and ask for help when and if you need it. Nevertheless, intelligent leaders will see this and begin fighting against it by taking actions, such as holding no-meeting days, encouraging breaks, offering mental health services and so on. The analysis, conducted by employment data provider Live Data Technologies, found fully remote employees are laid off 35% more often than their peers who work in-office or hybrid roles, The Wall Street Journal reported. The study showed that 10% of full-time remote roles were cut in 2023, compared to 7% of in-office jobs. Remember that detail about remote workers being more productive than their office counterparts?

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